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  • Why 24-hour Wristband is Adorable

    Posted on May 8, 2012 by speedyblog

    For sure, you are familiar with 24-hour wristbands or custom silicone wristbands which are popular trends wherever part of the world. Many are love its eye-catchy styles, colours and the messages that are usually printed or engraved on them. These 24 hour wristbands are not only famous as a fashion ornament but they can also be useful such as being a tool for promoting brands and products, advocacies, and celebrities, and even as a way to control crowd.

    Being a promotional tool, these wristbands can be useful because message and logo can be put on them. With many people wearing them, surely, they will be noticed in the public, particularly by your targets. It is not even hard to find people who would be willing to wear these wristbands since they are fashionable and who would not love having them on their wrists? Furthermore, when famous personalities wear them, your promotion will be really worth it.

    These 24-hour wristbands can also be used in fund raising. Since they are in cool and cute colours and styles, it would not be difficult to sell them especially since they are cheap.

    These wristbands are also good means to control the crowd in the event you are organizing. It can be used to identify your guests according to the group they belong to. Colour coding will be easy by using these wristbands to recognize your guests. This can also help shun party crashers. What is more beneficial is that these wristbands can be kept as a souvenir from the event.

    You can check Speedy Wristband for quality 24 hour wristbands. They offer different styles and colours. You can also avail discounts and promos on orders, depending on how many pieces you will buy. They also assure of a fast and smooth delivery so that your wristbands will reach you immediately.

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  • How 24-hour Wristbands Can Be Useful

    Posted on May 8, 2012 by speedyblog

    People are fashionable animals so it is no wonder why you find people wearing a variety of of accessories adorning their bodies. These ornaments range from sophisticated necklaces to huge bangles and rings, and you will see how they have been a part of creating a person’s character. However, these accessories cannot only be used to adorn people but they can also be utilized in many ways. For example, necklaces can be used as ID holders, and headbands hearing aid support. Through what we see around us, we can observe how people can mix their passion with daily necessities. This proves that humans are not just vain but they are also creative and resourceful.Talking about useful fashion trend, another accessory which is not only trendy but can also be used for important needs, is no other than the 24 hour wristbands, which is usually called as rubber bracelet or custom wristband. This wristband is not only trendy because of its simplicity plus cool fashion mode, but it can also be used as a tool in many ways. It can be found anywhere and you will usually find it with a message on it, declaring a brand or cause. This can be helpful in promoting businesses, organizations and personalities. It can also help in making an identity for your team. The group will just decide on what colour and message they want it to have, then, the team’s members just wear it. This is also used as a means of crowd-control in an event or party. This is effective in colour coding for the guests, and they just have to give the person a 24-hour wristband with the colour representing what group he or she is part of. After the occasion, the guests can just wear this wristband home as a souvenir.

    In searching for a good quality of 24-hour wristband, you can consult Speedy Wristbands and check their products. Speedy is the famous producer of fashionable, strong, and cheap customized silicone wristbands or rubber bracelets.

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