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  • Be Cool This Summer with Hot Wristbands

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by admin

    Summer is coming up and everybody is preparing their best to look hot in the heat. People, especially teenagers, would like to look great especially that it is time to relax from school stress and flaunt themselves. How about you? Do you want to look cool and be in this summer? What are the fashion trends that can make you fashionable yet simple?

    Summer Wristbands

    Why don’t you wear that cute silicone wristband that many cool people are wearing around at school? These rubber bracelets come in different colors and styles and they can be even customized according to what the wearer desires. Well, if you do not want to be behind in fashion trends then you better have your wrist wearing your own design of a wristband.

    You want to find out where you can find the coolest wristband? Well, you just check SpeedyWristbands out. It is the most popular rubber bracelet dealer around the globe and you are also guaranteed that your silicone wristband is made of 100% silicone. Therefore, it means that is of high quality so it does not break off easily. Also, they have different styles to offer which you can choose from to suit your own fashion sense.

    You can have their popular Debossed Wristbands on which texts are engraved inwardly. Or if you want your ‘cute me’ message clear and visible, you can choose the Printed Wristbands which can also be availed in a cheaper price. There are also the Deboss-Fill Wristbands. These wristbands are like the Debossed but the engraved letters are filled with colors. If you want to be different, you can try the Embossed Wristbands which are the opposite of the Debossed. The message is not engraved but raised on the bracelet. However, if you want to be cute in simplicity you can wear the Blank Wristbands which are plain. You can also try the Two-Layer Wristbands which are the most unique. Aside from the double bracelets, the outer parts are color sprayed to create a two-layer effect.

    So have you decided what type of wristband to have? Be cool and hot this summer with your trendy rubber bracelet.

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  • The Best Way of Promotion

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by admin

    Are you planning to promote your activity? Or are you part of a group which advocates on awareness about certain issues such as drug addiction, brain cancer, or poverty an you are thinking of a way to advertise it? If yes, then you can go for rubber bracelets.

    What are rubber bracelets? Look around you and observe the hands of people, especially young ones. If you notice that they are wearing those inch-wide colorful bands around their wrist, with some even have messages on them, then they are rubber bracelets. You can find them anywhere and they can be worn by anybody. Therefore, just the fact that many wear them, making rubber bracelets as a promotional tool guarantees positive outcome.

    Rubber bracelets are can be customized. You can put on it the slogan or cue word of your cause or the name of your group. You can also choose the color and the style which will be appropriate for what you are promoting. You can contact SpeedyWristbands, which is one of the best rubber bracelet producers and customizers. They also offer discounts on orders and they guarantee fast delivery so you can use these bracelets immediately.

    People can wear rubber bracelets anywhere so there is a bigger chance that others will notice the bracelet and its message. How much more if that bracelet is attractive? Then more people will be drawn to look at them. Also, this can be a cheaper way of promotion. All you need to do is to buy for a bulk of rubber bracelets which is cheaper than buying those bracelets individually and your costs end there. There are no advertising fees and you do not even have to pay people to wear them because for sure, anyone will be more than willing to wear a beautiful accessory. You can distribute them freely to people or you can even sell them in cheap prices. With the latter, you can even gain income for the cause.

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  • Why Rubber Bracelets are a Trend?

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by admin

    Wherever you are, surely you would find or meet people who are wearing rubber bracelets. People, ranging from small children to grownups are finding this simple accessory cool and fashionable.

    Why are many people fond of this rubber bracelet? Well, first of all, it is simple yet cute. It does not hurt the eyes since it is not like other accessories which are dangling or full of other ornaments, making them crowded or too much to look at.

    Rubber Bracelets

    With their simplicity, they can match to a lot of outfits. Another thing is this bracelet is not costly. It is cheap and you can even buy it in bulk and have a discount. You can also find it anywhere. Also, you can have it customized. You can put your name or whatever message you want on it and even choose your color or style. Last, but not the least, rubber bracelets are can be used in promotional activities such as for advocacies and causes. You can find many of these bracelets worn by people who are parts or believers of particular awareness groups. Some are even wearing bracelets that have brand labels of particular products.

    Is rubber bracelet long-lasting since it is just made of rubber? There are rubber bracelets that are made of poor materials so they break easily. SpeedyWristbands is considered to be the maker of high-quality rubber bracelets. It is popular for its rubber bracelets that are made of 100% silicone. With silicone, these bracelets have better texture and elasticity and they do not snap. Therefore, in finding the right rubber bracelet, be sure to that you look for those that are quality-made, and better if it is made of silicone.

    Rubber bracelets are fashionably in and are convenient for promotional needs. These are the reasons why they are trending around the world.

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  • How to be Simply Fashionable

    Posted on April 11, 2012 by admin

    Do you like fashion but want it simple? Do you wish to customize your accessories and look cool with them? Well, it is time that you get silicone wristbands. Everybody has it so do not let yourself be behind in the trend.

    Wherever you go, you can meet people, particularly teenagers, who are wearing this 1 inch colorful rubber bracelet on their hands. These bracelets are simple yet catchy because of the usual bright colors they are in and the messages that are printed, engraved, or even embossed on them. You might even recognize these silicone wristbands as the fashion trademarks for many athletes, such as basketball players, nowadays. These are also used for promoting causes and even company or brand names. It is easy to have a silicone wristband since it is affordable and you can find almost everywhere.

    However, if you want to be practical in having silicone wristbands and you want it to last, you should be sure of its quality. You can go for Speedy Wristband rubber bracelets. You are assured of its superior quality since it is made of 100% silicone, that is why it does not snap-off. It also has a durable elasticity and a good texture like the trusted Lance Armstrong Livestrong Bracelets.

    Fashion Bracelets

    You can customize Speedy Wristbands according to your style. You can choose the colors, the way of how to put your message on it, and even the size of it. They also offer special add-ons such as keychains, swirl, segmented, 1 inch wristbands, and much more. They have different creative styles which you can choose from.

    Another thing is, aside that you are assured of its quality, Speedy Wristband offers a lot of promos, so when you order from them, you can save a lot. You can get your customized silicone wristbands from them in a minimum order of 20 pieces only. One more thing, order 100 pieces or more, then you have 100 pieces free wristbands.

    Why is it called Speedy Wristband? Well, it is because they deliver fast. You can have your order within 5 days. They take pride on the commitment to reach their clients in no time. They also guarantee a smooth process of order.

    Therefore, if you want to be in, it is time that you have yourself silicone wristbands. It is easy and affordable to get, and it does not only make you cool but you can also use it to advocate for a cause.

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